What to Wear Wednesday- Grey Bird & Co.

Happy What to Wear Wednesday, my friends! I always love these days because I get to talk all things fashion with you and I also get to share a new fashion find or shop that I have fallen in love with!

Today I am here to tell you all about this sweet online shop called Grey Bird & Co.! I recently learned about this shop and I love that their pieces are unique, handmade in the U.S. and very versatile! Their clothing can be worn casual, dressy and are easy to accessorize and change-up the look!

Grey Bird & Co. was founded by a full-time stay at home mom who was tired of the waste and ethical practices of most fashionable companies! She created this company to serve all women with versatile and ethical clothing for all body types! I love how eco-friendly this company is and I applaud them for donating many of their fabric remnants to non profits, including a charity called Mia’s Mission who turns the fabric remnants into clothing for NICU babies!

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What to Wear Wednesday- Mom Approved Jeans

I’m going to start out by saying that I hate wearing jeans! If I could get away with wearing leggings or no pants at all for the rest of my life I would be one happy girl! I have friends that lounge in jeans like they are comfortable or something. Sometimes I wonder how I am even friends with these crazy jean loungers!

After having my third baby I was determined to find a pair of jeans that I could possibly like. I wasn’t looking for straight up love, just like! My dream pair of jeans would be comfortable, high-rise to tuck the “mama pooch” in, stretchy and affordable! I didn’t feel like I was asking for much!

I am tired of jeans falling off of me when I sit down, having to constantly pull them up after walking only two feet, feeling claustrophobic in a pair of jeans and having to take out a second mortgage to buy them! My friend (yes, a jean lounger friend) heard my cries and told me about her favorite pair of jeans. I think secretly she was tired of seeing me wearing leggings constantly!

My friends, these jeans are magical!

May I introduce you to American Eagle’s Denim X High-Waisted Jeggings! I am giving a shout out to mamas specifically that need a pair of jeans that tuck everything in! These are what we have all been searching for! These jeans have the perfect stretch to them, they sit high-rise, they are super comfortable and they don’t break the bank! I lounge in these jeans!These jeans are definitely true to size! I wear a size 14 and found them to be a perfect fit in all areas! I initially bought the regular length and they are slightly too short, but they are fine for the warmer weather months. I am 5′ 7″ and will be buying the long length for my next pair!My friend (yes, the jean lounger) is also a true believer in these jeans and has found them to be true to size in comparison to other skinny jeans for her specific body shape as well! She got a size 8 and found the fit to be perfect! She got the regular length because she is 5′ 4″ and ended up being a great length for her!These jeans hug in all the right places and are so flattering on any body shape! I never thought as a mom I would shop at American Eagle anymore. I was sure I was too old for it (in some ways I think I still am), but I will be that old lady buying jeans in American Eagle if it means having comfortable jeans in my life! If you don’t want to be the old lady in the store you can buy them online! American Eagle has great sizing charts that help you decide the right fit for you!These jeans are only $39.95 and it’s always worth keeping your eye out for a coupon or special deal to save a little! American Eagle always has specials going on! They carry size 00 up to 20 in short, regular and long lengths! If you choose to buy online, American Eagle offers free returns on all jeans which means you can try different sizes from the comfort of your home!

Shelf your leggings and go buy these jeans right now! If you are anything like I am and super picky with jeans then these are for you! You can find these jeans by clicking on any of the images above or go HERE! Do you have a favorite brand of jeans that are comfortable and mom pooch approved? I would love to hear about them!

Have a beautiful day and happy jean lounging!

**I do not get paid for recommending this product. I recommend this product ONLY because I truly love it! I would NEVER recommend a product/service that didn’t work for me. As always thanks for trusting in me and supporting me.**



How to Shop a Bargain on Facebook

I am a huge fan of getting a good bargain! If I have something I need to buy I am the person that searches everywhere for the cheapest option before purchasing! There is just something very rewarding about getting a good deal!

One of my favorite places to shop is on Facebook! I am part of 5 different Facebook Garage Sale sites specifically for my area! I often have people ask me where I got something and my answer is typically a Facebook Garage Sale Site. I’m amazed by how many people don’t use these or don’t understand how to. Never fear, the garage sale queen is here! I am going to tell you all about garage sale shopping on Facebook and some of my own personal tips!


Everyone has local garage sale pages for their specific areas. I live in Holland, MI so we have a Holland/Zeeland garage sale page for people who live in that area. I am also part of pages for cities nearby me, but I have to be willing to drive further for the item for those pages, which sometimes I am willing depending on what it is.

Every page has its own rules found in a pinned post on the page. I am warning you now, if you don’t follow the rules correctly people get nasty! I am not exaggerating! I accidentally broke a rule once and you would have thought I robbed someone! Be sure to read the page rules carefully and don’t be a rule breaker!

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