To My Baby Going to Kindergarten

Today has come.

I have often thought about this day coming and how good it will be for you. You have continually talked about this day and how excited you are. You are so ready, you are so brave and I know you will do great!

Today is day one of kindergarten.

It really was only yesterday I was cradling you in my arms. You were so fresh and new. That day feels so close to my memory I can almost smell that newborn smell and hear the first sounds you ever made.

It was just yesterday you couldn’t get yourself dressed, put on your own shoes and brush your own teeth.
It was just yesterday I had to lift you out of the van because the jump was too high.
It was just yesterday you learned to call me, “Mama”. The sweetest of words you spoke at such a young age.
It was just yesterday you took your first steps and every step you took you needed my hand to help you along the way.

Now I am walking you into your classroom. Your hand in mine. I am gripping your little hand extra today and just hoping that feeling of you close to me stays for the hours ahead.

I have prayed for this specific day. I have prayed so many details for this day that it would be the beginning of something wonderful in your life and you would find great joy in everything set before you here in this place. May you have such amazing adventures ahead.

You will find yourself frustrated somedays because learning new things can be hard. But I pray you will find confidence in your strengths and willingness to learn in your weaknesses. Never forget how smart you are.

You will come across kids that are unkind. I pray you will choose to stand up for yourself with kindness in spite of how anyone is treating you, because you are amazing! Never forget how loved you are.

There will be moments when you feel sad. It’s okay to have tears and your feelings are always valid, but I pray in your sadness you can find that beautiful smile of yours again and let it shine bright. Never forget to smile.

You will find yourself at crossroads in how to handle something. I pray you always choose to do the right thing no matter what anyone is telling you to do. Never forget how independent you are and remember you always have a choice.

You will have days where you feel afraid. I pray you will feel Gods arms wrapped around you and always feel protected and safe. Never forget how brave you are.

You will have days that you miss me and that’s okay because I will be missing you too. Never forget how much I love you.

I know you won’t always need my help the more you grow, but I am always here to help you in those times when you still don’t know how.

I know you won’t always need to snuggle me the more you grow, but I am always here to wrap you in my arms and be your safe place.

I know you won’t always need to hold my hand the more you grow, but this mamas hand is meant to hold yours and it will always be here when you need it.

I know you won’t feel like you need me the more you grow, but I promise you that I will always need you.

I will miss those quiet mornings together when it was just you and me, but I know this is your chance to spread your little wings and I am ready to be your #1 fan cheering you on as you grow and learn more!

So today you wrapped your arms tight around my neck and planted a big kiss on my cheek. “I love you mommy”, you said to me. I then watched you with your big backpack walking into a classroom full of so much unknown for you. So brave and ready to face the world. You’ve got this, little one.

You then looked back at me and waved goodbye with your little hand that was once holding my hand just moments before.

I want to just live in this moment right now. I want to remember the sweet smile on your face right now. I want to feel the grasp of your little hand holding mine.

This is the moment where I walk away, waving back at you, and trusting Gods hands holding my baby.

I can’t imagine any better hands to be holding you right now.

Spread your wings and fly, little one.

Love, Mommy




Keeping Control of Your Kids Screen Time

My kids are officially out of school for the summer, which means it’s time for me to figure out ways to entertain them throughout the day! I always dream of being the mom that has a fun craft everyday, an exciting adventure and the sign of boredom is non-existent from my children all summer long! Unfortunately I am not the crafty mom, it can get expensive and exhausting taking these crazy kids out everyday and lets be real, my kids were saying they were bored 1 hour into summer break!

I love having my kids home for summer break, but it is really hard to keep them entertained everyday and to keep things exciting! Once they reach the point of boredom it’s hard to come back from it! My kids got their own tablets for Christmas a couple of years ago and to be honest I really don’t love having them in our house. I often find myself using them as a crutch to get through a long day and their attitudes are terrible when it’s time to put them away! We had them put away for several months at one point because there is something about tablets that turn my children into crazy people and I had to reign them back in front their insanity!

We recently pulled them back out and decided to think of some rules to help control the tablet use for the summer. I want my kids summer to be spent enjoying the outdoors, being creative, using their imaginations, being helpful and learning new things!

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Dear Women, It’s Time to Dream

“She believed she could, so she did.”

We have all seen this quote throughout our various social medias. There are two different kinds of women that post this quote.

  1. A woman with a full confidence in truly believing that they could achieve a dream.
  2. A woman who is trying to convince herself that she can be successful in something. As if posting it for all to read will somehow give herself a boost of motivation.

I have been in both places in my life. I have been the confident one when I am dreaming about something I know full well I am great at and then I have been that person that posts Pinterest quotes to try and convince myself that I am great at something.

I have a dream I have carried deep inside for a long time. I started to face this dream at one point in my life and then decided to “put it on the shelf” as I began another dream, which was having my little family. Lately I have grasped very tightly to this past dream again and with the support of my incredible family and friends I am facing it head on.

This dream involves a lot of schooling and unfortunately I have always believed that I am not great in that area. I have convinced myself through the years that I am not capable of great things because I am dumb, I am a horrible test taker and learning is just not my gift. The past month I have had to work very hard to destroy those lies in my head that have haunted me for so long.

It saddens me when I think about how deeply I was in the lie that I was just plain stupid. I was stuck in this feeling of “satisfaction” in my education because I was afraid to fail. So much so that I was willing to forget about my dreams completely.

Fear is toxic and fear of failure destroys any dreams you have. 

Guilt was also haunting me and I believe this is a common struggle with a lot of women when it comes to dreaming. Because of the way our society is today I believed that if I pursued a dream for myself then I was selfish and in my case a bad mom. I kept hearing this lie telling me that if you do anything besides be a mom then you don’t love your children.

This. is. not. true. 

“Mom” is forever and will be my greatest title in life. No matter what I achieve in the future, being a mom is my proudest level of success. This doesn’t mean that I can’t do anything else for the rest of my life, thought.

Mom’s can have dreams too!

Some moms have a dream to be a mom and I think that is great! Some moms dream of being a mom and then dream of more alongside that and I think that’s great too! It’s so easy for us moms to fall into this guilt when it comes to our kids or as women to fall into a guilt of focusing on something for just you and no-one else. My conclusion is that I want my kids to see an example in their parents of hard work, dedication, facing fears head on, stomping on those filthy lies and pursuing dreams no matter what!

I will share more details about my new adventure as things begin to come together a little more, but for now I want all of you women out there to hear me when I tell you that you are meant for great things!

Say this with me and believe it…

I can do this.
I am capable of great things.
I am smart!
I am gifted!
I am allowed to pursue my dreams!
I am not a failure!
I will stomp on these lies and rise! 
I will not let fear have power over me! 
I am a strong and confident woman!
I am a big dreamer and I love that about me!

If you are a mom feeling some of what I shared then say this with me and believe it…

I am a mom and I have dreams!
I am a mom with a dream and I still love my kids!
I am a mom with a dream and I will not let guilt carry me! 
I am a mom with a dream and I will not let fear have power! 
I am a mom with a dream and I am a great mom still! 
I am a mom with a dream and no-one can tell me that’s wrong! 
I am a mom with a dream and I. CAN. do. this! 
I am a mom and a dreamer at the same time and I love that about me!

Grasp your dreams and your family all at the same time! Surround yourself with good supportive people in your life that want nothing but to applaud your every step!

Women are such amazingly strong and beautiful beings and we are made for great things!

Go now and dream, my friend.