Baby Nursery Makeover

I am so excited to share this next room makeover with you! The moment we found out baby #3 was a girl I was immediately inspired to create her nursery!

We moved into our new home when I was about 6 months pregnant and because she slept in our room for the first few months we didn’t rush to finish her room right away. This room was a darker beige color and really was not one of the worst looking rooms in the house.

But, I love gray walls with white trim and my whole house is pretty much painted the same color because you can change out the decor easily in a room anytime you want if the walls are a good neutral color! I knew I wanted to do gray and blush pink in her room. I have always loved blush pink and pairing it with the perfect gray is always so beautiful!

We painted the walls gray and it made such a difference already! The gray was the perfect shade with all that sunlight coming in from that nice big window!Next I went on a search for the perfect curtains! I wanted the color as close to a very blush pink as I could possibly find. I didn’t want pig pink and I certainly didn’t want hot pink. I shopped many stores online trying to find the perfect color, but it can be so hard to trust the color of something online. So I set out on a journey in store and, as usual, started with Target! I should not have been surprised that I found the curtains of my dreams at Target because Target never fails! I have preached this in previous blog posts and I will forever preach it!

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It All Started With a Cheap Couch- Basement Makeover

1. the floor of a building partly or entirely below ground level.

A basement is a place that is sometimes below ground level for a reason. I can say that my basement is a space that quite often doesn’t have much activity except for kids playing and leaving trails of the unknown behind them. Both of my kids rooms and all their toys are in our basement. It is their space to make a mess and create memories (they definitely have the mess part down to perfection). Often times I turn a blind eye to the basement and just thank the Lord it is below the main level and I don’t have to look at it everyday.

Recently I decided to change things up and create a space in our basement that opened more opportunities to be down there as a family. We desperately needed a good entertainment area since our only space with a TV was our living room upstairs which was not spacious enough for guests. When I made this decision we didn’t even have a couch down there which meant I had a lot of work to do and somehow do it on a budget!

As I have mentioned in previous posts about my house, the people who lived in this house before us clearly loved green! All the walls were green! The basement was a special kind of green, though. It was a very bright yellow-green on every wall in the basement! It was my worst nightmare! Just so we are on the same page, this photo is before we bought the house! Just needed to be clear before anyone thinks I had a red couch next to that green! *shudders*

Something desperately needed to change! When we first moved in we painted the basement along with the rest of the house. We did the walls in “Gray Stone” from Menards! This really was the perfect gray without too much blue tint in it!

The whole basement makeover adventure officially began when I found the couch! We had decided to find cheap couches for now and eventually invest in a sectional when it was in the budget to do so. That plan all changed when my neighbor just happened to have a sectional couch for sale in his driveway for $200! I wasn’t completely sure I wanted a tan couch with gray walls, but I was never going to find a sectional in perfect condition for $200 ever again! The sectional ended up looking great in the basement and I was one very happy camper!

This officially put the fire under my butt to continue to makeover this basement to fit my vision! The couch was facing a large wall and I knew I didn’t want a TV hung there all by itself. This wall needed something great done to it so I reached out to my brother-in-law to save the day! He created the most incredible wall of built-in book shelves with a distressed dark gray accent wall behind!Distressed cream clock- Hobby Lobby

I’m going to let you in on a little secret! The back wall is done in flooring! We used vinyl flooring for the wall and honestly it could not have turned out any better! It was definitely cheaper than using an actual barn wood and saved a lot of time from having to paint wood to look the way I wanted it to! This specific flooring ended up being the perfect mix of grays for this room!

I do not own a ton of books so I still have a lot of room to fill on my new shelves, but I went to Hobby Lobby and Target and found some knick knacks for the shelves and I am obsessed! At that time Hobby Lobby had a 90% off isle which was perfect for getting the cutest knick knacks for the best price and Target didn’t have any sales, but sometimes you just buy stuff at Target anyway!Nesting houses- Hearth & Hand at TargetCream & Mint ceramic pitcher- Hobby Lobby

I also needed to tie in the couch a little better! I always pictured a dark gray couch in this room, but because I got this couch for such a deal I was determined to make it work! I wanted to incorporate some navy blue on the couch to give a good blue and gray tie throughout the room! This made the tan couch work even better! I found these fluffy navy blue pillows at Home Goods and knew they were the perfect fit! I am still in search for a few textured ones as well, but you can never rush the perfect pillow!

My final touch was something for this large wall between the bathroom and one of the kids rooms. It was so blank and needed some serious love! I had a vision in my mind and Hobby Lobby made all my dreams come true as they always do! I found this sign for 50% off and complemented it with these distressed metal vases, which I also found for 50% off. I absolutely love cotton and I wanted to incorporate it in some way, but they are so expensive! I started putting together a bunch of fake flowers and cotton for these vases and couldn’t believe how expensive the total would be in the end. I got super cheap and grabbed 4 stalks of cotton, stuck them in the vases with a block of green foam and it was perfection!! I am so happy with how it turned out and I just love the simplicity of it!

Here it is, folks! My basement makeover!! I just love how it all turned out! It is such a cozy space for our family and it is a great place for entertaining guests!

It doesn’t mean this room always stays super clean since it continues to be joined together with the playroom, but I still love having a finished look in this room!

Check out this before and after!! Goodbye green walls and red couch!!


Thanks for checking out my basement makeover and now I challenge you to change-up a space in your home on a budget! There is nothing more exciting than a fresh room makeover full of bargains!

Have a beautiful day and always be kind.







Dining Room Makeover

When we bought our first house I had a lot of dreams already in my mind to make a vision a reality. I always knew I wanted a kitchen booth for our eating area and kept that in mind when looking at houses. This was always something I wanted and knew it would be super convenient for kids to eat at!

When we first looked at our house I saw this eating area and knew my booth dreams could come true! This is how it looked before we moved into the house!

The vision started to come together in real life when I first found a dining room table! My mother-in-law had a beat up table in her pole barn and it was taking up space so I offered to buy it from her! $25 later and the table was mine! Unfortunately it needed a lot of tender loving care so I signed up for a major commitment!

I spent almost 2 weeks completely re-doing the table and showing it lots of love! It was definitely a process, but I knew it would turn into something amazing in the end. Patience in projects is not one of my greatest qualities. I repainted the legs with Old White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, gave it a distressed look and sealed it with Annie Sloan clear chalk paint wax. I then stained the top with Minwax wood finish stain- Ebony. Check out the dreamy detail on these table legs!! 

What made it even harder to be patient was that my brother-in-law started building the booth while I was still working on the table and I was so excited to just pull everything together! 

When we were discussing the plan for building the booth, my brother-in-law came up with the brilliant idea to create a shiplap look. I have a big shiplap wall in my living room which is connected to the kitchen and it was the perfect way to tie it all in! My super nerdy hubby also insisted on moving the outlets to the front of the booth so we didn’t lose the outlets and it ended up being a brilliant idea! You wouldn’t think you would need outlets at your kitchen table, but if you ever want to work at the table with your laptop and need to plug it in then this is a perfect way to make that happen!

Next step was to paint it white! We gave it a really good primer coat and then painted it with a very glossy white paint so any messes the kids would make could be wiped up easily! I believe this was love at first site when I saw this completely painted! SWOON! 

Once the booth reached this point, my table was complete and ready to be brought inside! I was about 8 months pregnant at this time and was so excited to bring it in I almost did it by myself! No worries, I waited for my husband to come home!

Once it all got pulled together it was definitely all I had dreamed and hoped for! It is perfect for kids, used up this space wisely and we can easily sit a lot more people here then if we had just chairs. I do plan on adding some patterned upholstered chairs around the other side of the table eventually. I just need to find the perfect print for the best price! I truly couldn’t be happier with how this all turned out! I had one final vision for this area and that was the light above the table! I knew I wanted a drum shade, but they are scary expensive. I ended up going to Habitat for Humanity and found this light for $30! I spray painted the light black and it was exactly what I wanted but significantly cheaper!

I topped everything off with the sign above the booth, which I got at Hobby Lobby. I tell you what, Hobby Lobby never disappoints and if you can get something you love for 50% I consider that a total win!

I can’t believe the difference between the before and after of this area! No more green walls and a lot more seating space for our family! A huge thank you to my brother-in-law for building such an amazing booth for me and to my husband for painting it so beautifully!


Have you ever made a vision become a reality in a project? I’d love to hear about it!






When Joanna Gaines is Your Home Girl

We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the purchase of our first home! We spent 7 years of our marriage renting several different homes. We have absolutely loved owning our own home especially because we get to do whatever we want to it! Occasionally on this blog I am going to feature a room in our home and share the details of the design and how we did it on a budget!

To say I am a lover of shiplap and all things Joanna Gaines is a complete understatement. In fact, in my dreams I AM Joanna Gaines and I live in a sea of shiplap. I can’t say I am as talented and creative minded as she is (but really there can only be one Jo Gaines in this world), but I certainly get a lot of my inspiration from her.

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