Baby Nursery Makeover

I am so excited to share this next room makeover with you! The moment we found out baby #3 was a girl I was immediately inspired to create her nursery!

We moved into our new home when I was about 6 months pregnant and because she slept in our room for the first few months we didn’t rush to finish her room right away. This room was a darker beige color and really was not one of the worst looking rooms in the house.

But, I love gray walls with white trim and my whole house is pretty much painted the same color because you can change out the decor easily in a room anytime you want if the walls are a good neutral color! I knew I wanted to do gray and blush pink in her room. I have always loved blush pink and pairing it with the perfect gray is always so beautiful!

We painted the walls gray and it made such a difference already! The gray was the perfect shade with all that sunlight coming in from that nice big window!Next I went on a search for the perfect curtains! I wanted the color as close to a very blush pink as I could possibly find. I didn’t want pig pink and I certainly didn’t want hot pink. I shopped many stores online trying to find the perfect color, but it can be so hard to trust the color of something online. So I set out on a journey in store and, as usual, started with Target! I should not have been surprised that I found the curtains of my dreams at Target because Target never fails! I have preached this in previous blog posts and I will forever preach it!

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When Joanna Gaines is Your Home Girl

We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the purchase of our first home! We spent 7 years of our marriage renting several different homes. We have absolutely loved owning our own home especially because we get to do whatever we want to it! Occasionally on this blog I am going to feature a room in our home and share the details of the design and how we did it on a budget!

To say I am a lover of shiplap and all things Joanna Gaines is a complete understatement. In fact, in my dreams I AM Joanna Gaines and I live in a sea of shiplap. I can’t say I am as talented and creative minded as she is (but really there can only be one Jo Gaines in this world), but I certainly get a lot of my inspiration from her.

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