Baby Nursery Makeover

I am so excited to share this next room makeover with you! The moment we found out baby #3 was a girl I was immediately inspired to create her nursery!

We moved into our new home when I was about 6 months pregnant and because she slept in our room for the first few months we didn’t rush to finish her room right away. This room was a darker beige color and really was not one of the worst looking rooms in the house.

But, I love gray walls with white trim and my whole house is pretty much painted the same color because you can change out the decor easily in a room anytime you want if the walls are a good neutral color! I knew I wanted to do gray and blush pink in her room. I have always loved blush pink and pairing it with the perfect gray is always so beautiful!

We painted the walls gray and it made such a difference already! The gray was the perfect shade with all that sunlight coming in from that nice big window!Next I went on a search for the perfect curtains! I wanted the color as close to a very blush pink as I could possibly find. I didn’t want pig pink and I certainly didn’t want hot pink. I shopped many stores online trying to find the perfect color, but it can be so hard to trust the color of something online. So I set out on a journey in store and, as usual, started with Target! I should not have been surprised that I found the curtains of my dreams at Target because Target never fails! I have preached this in previous blog posts and I will forever preach it!

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What to Wear Wednesday- Off the Shoulder Ruffle Blouse

Happy Wednesday and even more so, Happy What to Wear Wednesday! This is possibly becoming one of my favorite days since I get to share with you a new-found fashion item that I have fallen in love with! I am all about finding the next secret clothing item out there that is fashionable, good quality and always affordable!

It’s time to introduce you to this adorable off the shoulder ruffle blouse! I was browsing clothing on Amazon and have been wanting a style like this for a while. I started searching for off the shoulder styles and came across this beauty! Anytime I find a cute clothing item online I become a crazy person reading all the reviews! The problem is, reviews are so mixed and you can never quite grasp if it is loved or not!

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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Three cheers for cookies! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray!

Three more cheers for Kyndra at Peace Love and Low Carb for sharing this incredible recipe for all of us to enjoy and love!  Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray!

These Keto chocolate chip cookies are absolutely incredible! The moment I made them I knew I had to share this recipe! I personally made my own adjustments to work with my dairy allergy and also used Trim Healthy Mamas Gentle Sweet in place of plain erythritol. So I am going to share the recipe exactly how I have learned to love it and you seriously cannot mess this up! I have made them several times and they are perfectly chewy chocolate cookies every single time!

My husband says he feels like he is eating a normal chocolate chip cookie! I consider that a total win!

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What to Wear Wednesday- Floral Baby Jogger Sets

Happy What to Wear Wednesday, folks! I come bringing good news of great joy! Who doesn’t love a cute baby outfit? I am a huge sucker for a good deal on a cute outfit for baby girl! Confession…sometimes I think I would actually spend more on clothing for my kids than I would myself. True story, but kids are so much fun to shop for these days! I always get pulled in by that very strong force that happens when you walk past the kids clothing at Target! Anyone feel me on that? Continue reading “What to Wear Wednesday- Floral Baby Jogger Sets”

What to Wear Wednesday- Side Slit Maxi Dress

Welcome to the first What to Wear Wednesday!! Every other Wednesday I will be sharing my current favorite outfit, kids outfit, thrifty finds and reviewing clothing items I take a risk buying online! I love pulling the right outfit together and portraying part of who I am through my style. I also can’t pass up a good deal, in fact, I rarely will buy anything unless it is offering me the satisfaction of getting a good bargain!

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