What to Wear Wednesday- Grey Bird & Co.

Happy What to Wear Wednesday, my friends! I always love these days because I get to talk all things fashion with you and I also get to share a new fashion find or shop that I have fallen in love with!

Today I am here to tell you all about this sweet online shop called Grey Bird & Co.! I recently learned about this shop and I love that their pieces are unique, handmade in the U.S. and very versatile! Their clothing can be worn casual, dressy and are easy to accessorize and change-up the look!

Grey Bird & Co. was founded by a full-time stay at home mom who was tired of the waste and ethical practices of most fashionable companies! She created this company to serve all women with versatile and ethical clothing for all body types! I love how eco-friendly this company is and I applaud them for donating many of their fabric remnants to non profits, including a charity called Mia’s Mission who turns the fabric remnants into clothing for NICU babies!

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Top Tips for Family Photo Outfits

You may not know that along with being a blogger I am also a photographer! I have been doing photography for 10 years now as a hobby and a business!

I often have clients ask me what they should wear for their photos especially for family photos since it includes several people. I was recently talking to a friend about this and I decided I should share my thoughts here with all of you! It can be so hard to come up with the perfect outfits that don’t match too much, but still coordinate well.

We recently did our own family photos, which to be honest with you, I dread having our own family pictures taken. I can give clothing advice all day long to clients, but when it comes to my own family I think too hard about it. Not to mention, kids never nap on the day of pictures? Can you totally relate? It’s like they know and plan it just to make us crazy!

So here are my top tips for planning outfits for family photos and my thought process in choosing our own outfits recently! I wish I could also give you tips on how to handle a child refusing a nap on picture day, but you are on your own on that one! Good Luck!

1/ What do you have at home?

I do not like spending a lot of money on family photo outfits. Especially because I am already paying for the session so by the time I am done with it all I am broke like a joke! So I go through everyone’s closets and figure out what everyone has! For these specific photos I knew my husband had a nicer pair of shorts that were light gray and he had a chambray (denim) short sleeve button up here could wear. So I started working around that. My son already had a nice pair of khaki shorts and my daughter had a nice pair of white capris. I started with those items and then went shopping!

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What to Wear Wednesday- The Humble Soles

Calling all little ones with little soles! Have I got some pure cuteness perfectly created for your little feet!

I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses, but I am an even bigger fan when their business supports a good cause! So get ready, my friends, because I am about to introduce to you the sweetest business that is all about adorable product for a great cause!

The Humble Soles is not only a place where you can go and find beautifully created product, but also product created with humble hands. The founders, Gabriel and Ashlyn, met in Nicaragua and after having children of their own found themselves carrying the children of Nicaragua heavy on their hearts. They decided to take a huge step and do more! Children in Nicaragua are continually going without food, unable to get an education and sleeping on dirt floors. The Humble Soles was born and they started creating leather shoes created by the hands of the Nicaragua women with one goal, to help the children of Nicaragua.

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What to Wear Wednesday- SwimZip

Happy happy happy What to Wear Wednesday, my friends (posted on a Friday because broken computer chargers delay things sometimes. *sad face*)! I am beyond excited to share all about my new found fashion love this week! Today is all about beaches, summer and sun!

I have a daughter who is almost 7 and it is sad to me that I am already struggling to find a good modest swimsuit for her. I don’t quite understand why such little girls need to wear such skimpy swimsuits. I want a swimsuit for her that is easy for her to have fun and play in! I don’t need my 7 year old worrying about her swimsuit staying on her little body!

Thank the good Lord for SwimZip! I first came across this amazing company on Shark Tank and remember loving their passion for their company! I recently came to find this company again and had to give them a try and I have completely fallen in love with their product and what they stand for!

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What to Wear Wednesday- StevieJ’s Head Wraps

I like big bows and I cannot lie!

Seriously, there is nothing much cuter than a sweet little girl with a big bow on her head! When I was pregnant with my first daughter I dreamed of bows and dresses! Thankfully I was blessed with a little girl who dreams the same dream that I do! Now we are raising up baby girl right and teaching her all about big bows!

I have been searching for the best big bow head wraps out there for my girls and often find myself disappointed in them. The quality is never impressive to me and they are always so expensive! Not to mention they are sent to me untied and I am completely lost on how to tie them properly!

Never fear! All your big bow searching days have come to an end! Introducing StevieJs! These bows are just the right kind of big and perfect in every way! I was skeptical at first because I have lucked out so many times, but I am beyond pleased with StevieJ’s quality in their head wraps, variety in styles and the price cannot be beat! One of the most exciting parts is that they come pre-tied! I have yet to untie them and my girls have worn them many times now! If they do become un-tied, StevieJ’s has a tutorial video on their website to help you learn how to tie them yourself in multiple different ways!

I could have honestly bought 50 of these head wraps and it was very hard to narrow down to the ones I decided on. StevieJ’s offers a few different styles in their shop, which made my decision even harder! My first choice was the Skye Butter Stretch Wrap. I knew the moment I saw this color my blue-eyed baby girl needed it in her life! They don’t call it butter for no reason! This fabric is SO soft and has a perfect stretch to it!

The butter stretch wraps come in lots of different colors and a few are done in a ribbed fabric for a more textured look! All of StevieJ’s head wraps can fit up to girls age 10+ years old, which means both my girls can wear the same one! I consider that even more worth my money when I get double the use out of it!

I was intrigued by a textured fabric option for the head wraps so I checked out the Chandler head wraps! I began swooning over all the options and then fell in love with this pale pink color! I knew both my girls would have lots of clothing to match this color! The Chandler head wrap has more of a raw edge to it and I wasn’t sure if I would like it as much as the clean edges on the butter stretch wraps, but I love them both equally the same! This wrap also has a great stretch to it and is made with a very comfortable fabric!

I knew once I picked out these dreamy solid wraps that I needed to wrap things up (see what I did there *wink) with a floral pattern! Shopping is never complete until there is a floral pattern in your cart! I spotted this floral wrap and knew it was meant to be when I realized my daughter just happened to have a kimono in the same print! I am obsessed with this floral and it makes for the perfect outfit! StevieJ’s has many floral prints to choose from and they are all equally as beautiful as this print!

I will definitely be going back to StevieJ’s to shop for some more bows! I am a true believer that little girls can never have too many bows! You can get any of the head wraps for $14 each, which is by far the best price I have found for this great of quality!

Luck for you, if you use the code 4THELOVEOFUS you get 10% off your purchase! YAY!

You can shop StevieJ’s online by clicking  HERE or you can shop any of the individual bows I talked about by clicking their images above!

Happy shopping and may big bows forever live on!

**I received free product from this company and I ONLY recommend services and products that I have used before, continue to use and that I LOVE. I would NEVER recommend a product/service that didn’t work for me or that I didn’t LOVE. As always thanks for trusting in me and supporting me.**