Top Tips for Family Photo Outfits

You may not know that along with being a blogger I am also a photographer! I have been doing photography for 10 years now as a hobby and a business!

I often have clients ask me what they should wear for their photos especially for family photos since it includes several people. I was recently talking to a friend about this and I decided I should share my thoughts here with all of you! It can be so hard to come up with the perfect outfits that don’t match too much, but still coordinate well.

We recently did our own family photos, which to be honest with you, I dread having our own family pictures taken. I can give clothing advice all day long to clients, but when it comes to my own family I think too hard about it. Not to mention, kids never nap on the day of pictures? Can you totally relate? It’s like they know and plan it just to make us crazy!

So here are my top tips for planning outfits for family photos and my thought process in choosing our own outfits recently! I wish I could also give you tips on how to handle a child refusing a nap on picture day, but you are on your own on that one! Good Luck!

1/ What do you have at home?

I do not like spending a lot of money on family photo outfits. Especially because I am already paying for the session so by the time I am done with it all I am broke like a joke! So I go through everyone’s closets and figure out what everyone has! For these specific photos I knew my husband had a nicer pair of shorts that were light gray and he had a chambray (denim) short sleeve button up here could wear. So I started working around that. My son already had a nice pair of khaki shorts and my daughter had a nice pair of white capris. I started with those items and then went shopping!

2/ Go to Target-

Okay, you really don’t HAVE to go to Target, but don’t you want an excuse to go? The nice thing about Target is that you can shop for everyone in the one store and their clothes are always amazing! I also suggest Old navy as well, which also has adorable clothing and great clearance!

I went to Target to find a shirt for my 2 oldest and an outfit for me. I didn’t HAVE to buy myself a whole new outfit, but I have been losing weight and my clothes are kind of hit or miss on what fits right. Plus, I’ll always take a reason to do a little shopping for myself! I first looked for my own outfit and found a cute jean skirt and a white top. I knew that I could then find the older kids both a shirt that would start to introduce a color.

3/ Colors- 

This is such a tricky part to the whole planning of this. I often think about the location of the photos to decide on a color.

  • Beach Location= Bright or pastel colors
  • Woods/park= Neutrals like denim, khaki and warmer colors
  • Garden location= Warm or bright colors (just be careful not to over do the bright if there are a lot of bright flowers involved)
  • Urban location= Warm and neutral. I love an urban look with denim, navy, white, army green or blush type colors.

Our family photo location was an old white green house so we were going to be surrounded by greens and bright-colored flowers. So I decided on army green. I didn’t want a true green because it would blend too much with the greenery, but army green would give things a good warm balance. So I found my son a shirt that had army green sleeves with a gray front to complement my husbands gray shorts. I found my oldest daughter an army green shirt that looked so cute with her white capris, which complimented my white shirt! It ended up being a perfect color scheme for the location and I loved how it turned out!

4/ Pattern-

I always suggest to try and throw a pattern in to the mix somehow. I didn’t have something for my youngest daughter yet, but I knew she had a closet full of options! I went home after pulling together everyone’s outfits and found a patterned dress that had army green leaves in the pattern. It was perfect once I paired it with an army green bow on her head!

I never recommend over doing patterns too much. Often times smaller stripes can be very distracting in photos or a loud pattern can be too much especially if it is overdone on more than one person in the photos! Depending on how many people you have in your family, try and incorporate a pattern on one or two people that compliments your colors well!

5/ Texture-

This is not a super important tip, but I personally love some texture within the outfits somehow. The texture we had in our photos was my husbands button down shirt and my white shirt. My shirt has a lace detail and ruffles down the front, which adds a nice touch of texture to our photos. Imagine if we all had on short sleeve tops with no detail to them. It would start to look boring, but when you have at least one person wearing something with some detail it adds some excitement to prevent things looking too bland.

6/ Final Tips-

Here are some final quick tips for you before you plan your family photos outfits-

  • Don’t wear too much white in your photos especially on the beach. Often times this can wash people out and it can be very distracting if there is too many people wearing white. Try and mix up your white by having someone wear a white shirt and someone wear white pants ect. Try and give it a healthy balance.
  • If you do wear white…ladies, make sure it isn’t see through! I have had many situations where I have taken photos and mama didn’t check her white pants in the mirror! Be very cautious of this, my friends!
  • Choose something flattering! I know this seems obvious, but I like getting a second opinion on what I’m wearing before I decide on it. Also, my hunky hubby is a big guy and I would never have him be the one in the photos wearing the pattern or the white. First of all, he wouldn’t want to, but secondly, he would stand out dramatically amongst us all.

So there you go! Hopefully these tips are helpful for your future photos sessions! Feel free to ask me any further questions in the comments!

Have a beautiful day, my friendly followers!

Thank you Samantha at Samantha.Kraker Photography for the incredible photos!



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