What to Wear Wednesday- The Humble Soles

Calling all little ones with little soles! Have I got some pure cuteness perfectly created for your little feet!

I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses, but I am an even bigger fan when their business supports a good cause! So get ready, my friends, because I am about to introduce to you the sweetest business that is all about adorable product for a great cause!

The Humble Soles is not only a place where you can go and find beautifully created product, but also product created with humble hands. The founders, Gabriel and Ashlyn, met in Nicaragua and after having children of their own found themselves carrying the children of Nicaragua heavy on their hearts. They decided to take a huge step and do more! Children in Nicaragua are continually going without food, unable to get an education and sleeping on dirt floors. The Humble Soles was born and they started creating leather shoes created by the hands of the Nicaragua women with one goal, to help the children of Nicaragua.

You will find their shop not only has leather shoes, but also offers handmade dresses, bows and more! When you make a purchase with The Humble Soles you are not only receiving an amazing handmade product by Nicaraguan Artisans, but 10% of your money will go to the children in Nicaragua! My favorite part about this is that you get to pick 1 of 3 choices for your 10% to go! You can choose to have your money go towards feeding a child, funding a child’s education or fixing a child’s home.The Humble Soles carries various styles of sandals great for boys and girls! My son loves his sandals as well and I think they are just the cutest style! He is wearing the Mateo sandal in brown. They are great for casual play or for dressing up! Either way they are so sweet and always comfortable! You can learn more about the Mateo style by clicking on the photo below!Their sandals range from size toddler 3 to 12. I found it best to measure my kids feet from heel to tip of the big toe to get a proper size measurement. I found the measurement to be pretty true to their normal U.S. Size. I was so excited that even my little one who is just in a size 3 was able to have her own little pair as well! My daughters both have the Luna sandal in brown and I just love this style on itty bitty feet and big girl feet! Perfect matching sister sandals! You can learn more about the Luna sandal by clicking on the photo below!I just love everything this business stands for and their passion for helping others through these sweet little shoes! I explained the story about these shoes to my littles and I love what they have learned through their pairs of sandals! I am so glad that my children are able to learn the importance of helping others and understanding that there are children far away that don’t eat everyday, they don’t get to go to school and learn and they don’t sleep on a mattress at night.Through every purchase made there is a step toward change! Be part of that change and support The Humble Soles by either shopping by going HERE or simply donating to Nicaragua by going    HERE!

Thank you Gabriel, Ashlyn and everyone who pours their hearts, minds and souls into this movement. You ARE doing more and you will make a huge difference through The Humble Soles! 

In my humble opinion, you should really get shopping now and get some cute soles for your little souls! (so many puns intended)

**I received free product from this company and I ONLY recommend services and products that I have used before, continue to use and that I LOVE. I would NEVER recommend a product/service that didn’t work for me or that I didn’t LOVE. As always thanks for trusting in me and supporting me.**




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