Happy Fathers Day From the Daughter, the Wife and the Adopted

1. The Daughter

As a little daddy’s girl I am sure I celebrated my dad everyday, but Father’s Day was a day where he was celebrated extra and he sure deserved all the celebration possible. I am 28 years old and still convinced my dad hung the moon. I am blessed by a father that has always portrayed a beautiful unconditional love for his daughters. A man that is always so gentle, tender hearted, kind, selfless and by far the funniest guy I know.

My mom would always call him “Disney World” because he is like a whole amusement park of fun in one person.It’s funny to look back at things now that I am a mom and see who was the “fun” one between my parents. Needles to say my poor mom always had to be the one to handle any discipline because my dad always had to keep a smile on our face at all times. Honestly, I think that is actually a beautiful gift that he has because he does it really well. Not only does my dad love the people in his life so endlessly, but He also has an infectious love for the Lord. I have learned more from him than I think he even realizes. My walk with God today has a lot to do with my parents example to me growing up. I want to love and the serve the Lord in my life like my parents did.

My dad also loved my mom. 37 years of serving together, selflessly caring for one another, loving each other deeply and being a team that worked together in the most amazing ways! Their marriage was inspirational and the love he had for my mom set an example to me of what I wanted in a husband someday.

He showed his daughters how to love, but also how to be loved by a husband.
He showed his daughters the kind of father we wanted for our children someday.
He showed his daughters how to find laughter in spite of where life had us
He showed his daughters how to be selfless in relationships and put everyones need above his own
He showed his daughters what it looked like to have a personal relationship with God.

I remember one specific Father’s Day many many years ago. I was about 6 years old and my mom took me to the store to pick out a gift for dad. I was so excited! I found sitting on the shelf a little jukebox that played radio stations. In my little mind I knew this was the best gift for him because dad loved music! I remember his reaction when he opened it. He was so expressive and appreciative. It makes me smile thinking about that now as a mom and how it doesn’t take much for us to show an appreciation to our kids for things they do for us. As far as I know, my dad still has that little jukebox sitting on the bookshelf in his office.

Happy Father’s day from the daughter. May today be a day of celebrating the man who is the best daddy a girl could ask for! I love you to the moon (that you hung, of course) and back!

2. The Wife

7 years ago we welcomed our sweet baby girl into this world and Father’s Day became about my husband as well. He became the father to my children that day and I then had another man to celebrate on Father’s Day.

It has been amazing to watch him grow as a father these past years. Being a parent is never an easy task, but it is truly rewarding and even more fulfilling to watch your spouse grow as a parent with you. Our children are such lucky littles to be loved and cherished by such an amazing Daddy. 

I specifically remember one time when my heart was so full because of the love he portrayed for his family. I had just had our second baby, my sweet boy. I had several sleepless nights during our first nights at home. One evening it seemed as if the baby was convinced it was day time and would not go to sleep. My husband took our little bundle of sleepless joy out of the room so I could sleep while he tried rocking him. I woke up a few hours later to find them both sleeping on the couch together. My heart could have just bursted over that beautiful site of my husband selflessly serving his family and the baby finally sleeping was a breathtaking site as well! *wink*

So to the father of my children,

I see you everyday loving our children endlessly.
I see you putting all of your needs and desires to the side and putting these children first in your life and I am so blessed by that.
I see you as my team mate in this parenting journey. The man who I know I can always count on and our children can count on as well.
I see you supporting their little minds as they grow and learn.
I see you being their cheerleader whether it is on the side lines or it is celebrating their first steps.
I see you being the cause of all the giggles and laughter because you are one silly Daddy.
I see how serious you are about being a dad to these little ones.

So Happy Father’s Day from the Wife. May today be a day of celebrating the man who God chose specifically to be our littles Daddy.

3. The Adopted

28 years ago I was born into the arms of a woman who was not the mom who raised me. 28 years ago I was being held by the woman who carried an intimate bond with me, but would only 3 days later be held by a woman who carried that bond on as my mom. 28 years ago I was not held in the arms of my birth father, instead I was placed in the arms of my dad. 28 years ago my birth father denied me as his own, but the man I call “Dad” called me “daughter” and never let go. The man who raised me and loved me through my life and continues to.

When I reached a curiosity point in my life I began to grasp the fact that I had a birth father out there somewhere that didn’t hold any desire for me at all. It made me very thankful for the dad that I was raised by, but also caused this feeling of rejection at the same time.

It’s amazing the power someone you don’t even know can have over your emotions. 

Only a few years ago did I meet him and it took him seeing my face to acknowledge me as his blood. Thank the Lord I was blessed by a dad who raised me and loves me deeply without any blood connection at all.

In the past few years since meeting him I have learned a lot.
I have learned that I am not defined by who hasn’t wanted me in the past, but instead by my Heavenly Father who has chosen me.
I have learned that rejection is a choice and I don’t have to let the feeling of rejection control my life.
I have learned that no one truly can have power over my emotions except myself.
I have seen over and over again the beautiful life God has blessed me with through adoption.

I don’t hear from my birth father a lot anymore, but we took sometime to get to know each other for a couple years and I am thankful for that time of learning about each other.

Being adopted gives me an interesting perspective on a day like Father’s Day. I find myself still acknowledging and celebrating who my Birth Father is in spite of how close we are now or not. It is because of my birth mother’s selfless chose that I am where I am today, but it is also because of my birth father’s denial 28 years ago that I am who I am today. I have found a place of thankfulness in that instead of hurt. I have found a place of resting in that instead of feeling angry. I have found a place of feeling loved in that instead of feeling rejected.

Every child is always chosen by their Heavenly Father.

So Happy Father’s Day from an adopted child. May today be a day of celebrating the man who denied so that I might truly live my best life.

Happy Father’s Day from the daughter, the wife and the adopted


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