Keeping Control of Your Kids Screen Time

My kids are officially out of school for the summer, which means it’s time for me to figure out ways to entertain them throughout the day! I always dream of being the mom that has a fun craft everyday, an exciting adventure and the sign of boredom is non-existent from my children all summer long! Unfortunately I am not the crafty mom, it can get expensive and exhausting taking these crazy kids out everyday and lets be real, my kids were saying they were bored 1 hour into summer break!

I love having my kids home for summer break, but it is really hard to keep them entertained everyday and to keep things exciting! Once they reach the point of boredom it’s hard to come back from it! My kids got their own tablets for Christmas a couple of years ago and to be honest I really don’t love having them in our house. I often find myself using them as a crutch to get through a long day and their attitudes are terrible when it’s time to put them away! We had them put away for several months at one point because there is something about tablets that turn my children into crazy people and I had to reign them back in front their insanity!

We recently pulled them back out and decided to think of some rules to help control the tablet use for the summer. I want my kids summer to be spent enjoying the outdoors, being creative, using their imaginations, being helpful and learning new things!

I decided to create a checklist for them that they can go to during the day to be sure they have accomplished their checklist before they get screen time. Screen time would include tablets, TV or in our case as well, the Switch. I knew my kids would find it cool to have a list to actually get to check off so I’m planning on laminating the list so they can check it off with a dry erase marker and reuse it daily.

There are a lot of things I would love to put on this list, but my poor children would have a 5 page checklist everyday if I didn’t keep it simple. So here is what my kids will have to check off their list in order to get screen time every day!

1. Is your room clean?

I don’t know if your kids rooms are anything like mine, but my husband is convinced our kids are the only ones that completely demolish their rooms in 5 minutes, but I continually tell him that we are not alone! My goal is to be able to walk into their bedrooms without injuring myself this summer! So one of my checklist points is for them to make sure their room is clean! Hopefully this will keep things in order as much as possible!

2. Have you been a helper?

Something I haven’t been too strict on in the past is having my kids be helpers around the house. Now that my two oldest are 7 (almost) and 5 they are perfectly capable of helping me with some chores. So in order to check this one off the list they will need to ask me how they can help me and I will give them a chore! It will probably be something like sweep the kitchen floor, wipe down the bathroom sinks, empty the dishwasher or dust around the house. Thankfully my kids occasionally enjoy doing some of these things, but hopefully it stays that way the more they do them.

3. Have you been outside?

I want my kids to spend plenty of time outdoors! They love playing outside and their imaginations run wild when they do! So unless there is a torrential downpour they will need to be outside for at least an hour in order to check that off the list!

4. Have you learned something? 

It can be so easy for kids to get rusty on their schooling during the summer and I am determined to keep their minds sharp through the summer so they walk into the school year confident and ready! In order to check this off their list they will need to take some time to learn something. Whether it is reading a book, practicing with flashcards, writing a short story to practice letters or challenging themselves with some math problems! We have a learning kit from Kindergarten Tool Kit that we absolutely love and it is a great resource that helps my kids grow in their learning over the summer with flashcards, whiteboard, lesson plans and more! You can read more about this kit in my review HERE or by clicking on the photo below!

5. Have you been creative? 

This is where I struggle a little bit because like I said before I am not a crafty mom, but my kids do love being crafty so I want to celebrate that passion of theirs by finding easy ways to be creative! This can be as simple as coloring or cutting out different shapes (because what kid doesn’t love getting to use scissors)! I decided to do the unthinkable and let my kids do more plato and painting this summer. I am definitely the mom that goes crazy over the mess plato and painting can make so I came up with a brilliant solution that makes everyone happy! My dad got my kids this adorable little picnic table and I put it out on the front porch and let them go insane with the plato and paint! No mess, no worries! If you need relief from the mess too you can get your own little picnic table HERE or by clicking on the photo below!Those are my main check list points for my kids to earn screen time. I should clarify that just because they complete this checklist does not mean they get screen time for the rest of the day! There is definitely still a time limit for screen time! I love this new plan because it not only teaches my kids that there is more to life than screens, but also keeps me from raising my white flag in the middle of a long day and letting them have screen time uncontrollably!

Here is the checklist if you are interested in having one for your kids! Just click on the checklist below and print your own at home!

Let me know if you give this a try or I would love to hear if you have any ways you control screen time at home!

Enjoy your summer and good luck, mamas!

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