How to Shop a Bargain on Facebook

I am a huge fan of getting a good bargain! If I have something I need to buy I am the person that searches everywhere for the cheapest option before purchasing! There is just something very rewarding about getting a good deal!

One of my favorite places to shop is on Facebook! I am part of 5 different Facebook Garage Sale sites specifically for my area! I often have people ask me where I got something and my answer is typically a Facebook Garage Sale Site. I’m amazed by how many people don’t use these or don’t understand how to. Never fear, the garage sale queen is here! I am going to tell you all about garage sale shopping on Facebook and some of my own personal tips!


Everyone has local garage sale pages for their specific areas. I live in Holland, MI so we have a Holland/Zeeland garage sale page for people who live in that area. I am also part of pages for cities nearby me, but I have to be willing to drive further for the item for those pages, which sometimes I am willing depending on what it is.

Every page has its own rules found in a pinned post on the page. I am warning you now, if you don’t follow the rules correctly people get nasty! I am not exaggerating! I accidentally broke a rule once and you would have thought I robbed someone! Be sure to read the page rules carefully and don’t be a rule breaker!

When you find an item you are interested in, comment “interested” and then you will discuss a pickup time with the seller through Facebook Messenger. Often times people are willing to meet you somewhere. I don’t recommend dark alley ways at night for obvious reasons! Some sellers prefer you pickup at their home. Some people are not comfortable picking up at someones home, but the beauty of Facebook Garage Sale shopping is that you can Facebook stalk the person a little before deciding if you want to approach their front door alone or not.

So now you are ready to go shop! Search on your Facebook page for your area garage sale sites.
I.e [your city] garage sale site


Now that you know how to shop, you need to know how to sell so you can make more money to shop more! I love selling items on these local pages! I typically have a lot of success with it and it’s so easy to make some extra cash!

Once again, you must read the rules for the specific page! Every page is different with their rules and everyone will be happy if you follow them!

Typically when you go to post a new item it looks a lot like this. You want to include a title, price, zip code, description and image.
*this example is from an IOS device. It may vary slightly with different versions of the Facebook app*

Once you have it posted you can view all your sale items by clicking on the bar that says, “my sale posts”. There you can see all your sales that are posted, sold or archived. You also have the option to edit them, post to more sites, see your items insights, view comments or delete. You can mark your item as sold once it is sold, but most groups prefer you just delete it for the sake of keeping the page clean.

If you get someone to comment “interested” on your item then you private message them and start discussing a pickup time and place! I personally do a lot of pickups at my house only because it is not worth my time or sanity to load up my crazy kids to drive to the nearby gas station to make a couple bucks. I prefer people come to my house to pickup. If I am selling an item that is $10 or less I will offer porch pickup. Porch pickup is where you leave the item on your front porch with somewhere to leave money. The shopper will grab their item and (hopefully) leave the money behind for you. I usually have a small tub on my front porch and have an envelope taped inside it for money. It is super convenient and you don’t have to worry about being home when they come to pickup! Porch pickup is a total honor system, but I have personally never had an issue with it!

Now it is time to do some purging and start selling on the local sites!


Believe it or not the Facebook garage sale sites have their own language! I have heard some people tell me that they gave up quickly on shopping these pages cause they couldn’t understand what anyone was saying to them! Here is your own personal shopper translation for this garage sale site language and it can help you as a seller as well! 

I know, this language is crazy and borderline lazy, but if you post a lot of items at once it is nice to abbreviate things to make posting go quicker!

Hopefully this gave you all a better idea of how to shop or sell on Facebook and if you are already a dedicated shopper/seller then you may have learned a new tip to try for next time!

Have a beautiful day and happy shopping!





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