The Kindergarten Tool Kit

I absolutely love when my kids get excited about learning! I love seeing their confidence grow in their education and having fun doing it! I recently came across this company founded by a fellow mom and I know her incredible ideas are going to help so many moms, teachers and more be part of their kids young season of learning!

Introducing The Kindergarten Tool Kit! Not only is this little box of goodies adorable, but it is full of learning fun for your soon to be kindergartener! When I first opened up my kit I was amazed of how well it was put together. My son couldn’t wait to start pulling everything out!

The kit includes a tote bag, little whiteboard, marker, pencil, color shape flash cards, lower and upper case flashcards, number flashcards up to #20, word flashcards, a piece of chalk and a lesson plan book! My son was so excited about the whiteboard! He immediately pulled it out and was quickly inspired to write some letters and shapes! I pulled out the flashcards and we had so much fun going through them! It was refreshing to laugh while we learned together!The lesson plan book is such a great addition to the box! The book includes mini lessons that help you guide your child to reaching a specific goal! Something I found super cute in the lesson book was the Toolkit On the Go section under each lesson. It gives some super ideas of how to help your child learn more while on the go such as challenging them to recognize the letters on a stop sign! There are so many opportunities for a child to learn that we don’t always notice and The Kindergarten Tool Kit encourages this and you get to have fun doing it!

I personally do not homeschool my children, but I am going through the lesson book with my son during the summer to keep his mind fresh and ready for kindergarten in the fall! I definitely think this kit would also be a great resource for homeschool families! What a great option for homeschool mamas to have this to help set their little one up for kindergarten!If you find yourself loving this kit as much as I do, you can add to it as well! The Kindergarten Tool Kit offers additional flashcard sets such as bonus word flashcards and simple Spanish flashcards. I am not very gifted in the Spanish language (even though I took it in highschool school) so maybe I will get myself the Spanish flashcards and then I can teach my kids them once I get the hang of it!

Something I love even greater than whats inside this little box is what is behind the idea of this box. A fellow mom saw a need for her boys and created it! Not only did she create something so fun for her children, but then she shared it for all of us to enjoy too! I love celebrating creative super moms who have a passion for their littles! It says right on the first page of the lesson book, “always praise and encourage your child with each lesson.” I love that this kit encourages parents to spend some one on one time with their kids to help them learn more and to do it in a positive way that uplifts their little spirits!I am looking forward to the next couple months as my son and I go through The Kindergarten Tool Kit together! There is nothing more fulfilling as a mom then to see your child build a confidence in themselves as they learn. I love watching that little light bulb turn on when he finally grasps something new!

Thank you Carrie at Kindergarten Tool Kit for pouring your mama’s heart into something so beautiful for so many little minds!

You can get your Kindergarten Tool Kit by clicking on any of these images or going to their website by clicking HERE! Check it out and be sure to read all about their story behind this company as well!

Have a beautiful day and happy learning!

**I received free product from this company and I ONLY recommend services and products that I have used before, continue to use and that I LOVE. I would NEVER recommend a product/service that didn’t work for me or that I didn’t LOVE. As always thanks for trusting in me and supporting me.**


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