Dining Room Makeover

When we bought our first house I had a lot of dreams already in my mind to make a vision a reality. I always knew I wanted a kitchen booth for our eating area and kept that in mind when looking at houses. This was always something I wanted and knew it would be super convenient for kids to eat at!

When we first looked at our house I saw this eating area and knew my booth dreams could come true! This is how it looked before we moved into the house!

The vision started to come together in real life when I first found a dining room table! My mother-in-law had a beat up table in her pole barn and it was taking up space so I offered to buy it from her! $25 later and the table was mine! Unfortunately it needed a lot of tender loving care so I signed up for a major commitment!

I spent almost 2 weeks completely re-doing the table and showing it lots of love! It was definitely a process, but I knew it would turn into something amazing in the end. Patience in projects is not one of my greatest qualities. I repainted the legs with Old White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, gave it a distressed look and sealed it with Annie Sloan clear chalk paint wax. I then stained the top with Minwax wood finish stain- Ebony. Check out the dreamy detail on these table legs!! 

What made it even harder to be patient was that my brother-in-law started building the booth while I was still working on the table and I was so excited to just pull everything together! 

When we were discussing the plan for building the booth, my brother-in-law came up with the brilliant idea to create a shiplap look. I have a big shiplap wall in my living room which is connected to the kitchen and it was the perfect way to tie it all in! My super nerdy hubby also insisted on moving the outlets to the front of the booth so we didn’t lose the outlets and it ended up being a brilliant idea! You wouldn’t think you would need outlets at your kitchen table, but if you ever want to work at the table with your laptop and need to plug it in then this is a perfect way to make that happen!

Next step was to paint it white! We gave it a really good primer coat and then painted it with a very glossy white paint so any messes the kids would make could be wiped up easily! I believe this was love at first site when I saw this completely painted! SWOON! 

Once the booth reached this point, my table was complete and ready to be brought inside! I was about 8 months pregnant at this time and was so excited to bring it in I almost did it by myself! No worries, I waited for my husband to come home!

Once it all got pulled together it was definitely all I had dreamed and hoped for! It is perfect for kids, used up this space wisely and we can easily sit a lot more people here then if we had just chairs. I do plan on adding some patterned upholstered chairs around the other side of the table eventually. I just need to find the perfect print for the best price! I truly couldn’t be happier with how this all turned out! I had one final vision for this area and that was the light above the table! I knew I wanted a drum shade, but they are scary expensive. I ended up going to Habitat for Humanity and found this light for $30! I spray painted the light black and it was exactly what I wanted but significantly cheaper!

I topped everything off with the sign above the booth, which I got at Hobby Lobby. I tell you what, Hobby Lobby never disappoints and if you can get something you love for 50% I consider that a total win!

I can’t believe the difference between the before and after of this area! No more green walls and a lot more seating space for our family! A huge thank you to my brother-in-law for building such an amazing booth for me and to my husband for painting it so beautifully!


Have you ever made a vision become a reality in a project? I’d love to hear about it!






10 thoughts on “Dining Room Makeover

    • elisa

      HAH! Well if I was left to actually build it myself it would have not looked that pretty. 😉 Thankfully I have some talented family members that I just pass my visions off to!

    • elisa

      Thank you! It definitely is quite the transformation! I’m just happy the green walls are gone. Seeing as every wall in the whole house were green when we moved in. *cringes*

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