Top 5 Tuesday- April

Its Top 5 Tuesday today, which means I have 5 items that are my top 5 favorites currently and I get to share them with you! Sometimes I find it hard to narrow down my favorites to only 5 things! I have a lot of products I love and would recommend, but I think I have narrowed them down to my absolute favorites right now!

1/ Little Poppy Co.- Hair Bow subscription

I am completely and totally obsessed with this monthly subscription! Every month I receive a package of 3 hair bow headbands for my sweet girls! These hair bows are the BEST ones I have ever bought! The wrap is made with a nylon fabric that doesn’t leave a mark and stretches well without stretching out too much.The subscription comes with a 3 pack of bows monthly that always compliments the current season or holiday we are in. They come in all different fabrics, colors and patterns! I have some leather bows, ribbon bows and even velvet bows! Look at my little Hunny in her olive velvet bow! They are just the sweetest little bows! This subscription is $11.99 a month and I am always so excited when I see a little pink package in my mailbox! Little Poppy Co. carries different kinds of bows such as the alligator clip bow. You can have your subscription bring this style instead of the headband if you want!

My most favorite part about the nylon bows is that they are one size fits all! This means my 8 month old and my 6-year-old share these headbands! I put one on my oldest daughter for school and it was still in her hair the same when she got home! I definitely have found this worth the money since they both get use out of them! I will never go back to any other headband bow! I love the variety, the comfort and the quality of these and recommend you give them try!

You can check out Little Poppy Co. by clicking on their name or any of these images! 

2/ Embraced: 100 Devotions to Know God is Holding You Close- Lysa TerKeurst 

Anything by Lysa TerKeurst is an immediate recommendation from me, but I was so excited when she came out with her new Devotional book, Embraced. As a mama of 4 I don’t always have the time to sit down and read a book for a decent amount of time. This devotional is 100 quick readings that can be done in 5 minutes easily! I often open it up at the breakfast table and soak up the beautiful wisdom and encouragement inside this book. It’s such an easy read as well. It is totally possible to read it while kids are screaming and running around you! Definitely check it out by clicking the image below and let me know what you think of it!

3/ HaloVa Diaper Bag

I cannot sing enough praises about this diaper bag! I have had a different diaper bag which each kid and this one is by far my favorite! When I started looking for a diaper bag for #4 I could not believe how expensive a decent diaper bag is! I refused to spend over $100 on a diaper bag so I started searching everywhere for a good knock off one! I then came across the diaper bag of my dreams! It is SUPER durable, extremely practical and perfectly cute in every way!Let me take you on a little tour of this diaper bag! The main pocket has plenty of room to fill up with all of your baby needs and even your own needs! You could probably even fit your whole families needs in there! There are a few side pockets that fit diapers nicely in them or any small things you pack!Now you may be wondering how you can easily access the stuff at the bottom of the diaper bag? I mean, that’s a very deep bag and what if you need something all the way at the bottom? Never fear, another pocket is here! This outside pocket opens up to the bottom of the bag so you can easily access things without having to dig through everything from the top!The outside side pockets are convenient for any small items you want easy access to! One of the pockets has a slit in it that is meant to hold a package of wipes, which I think is pretty nifty! Perfect for those moments when you are changing a blow out diaper and only have one hand to access the wipes! I know all you mamas have been there at least once!Last but certainly not least is the front pocket! This pocket is full of magical things! Insulated pockets for bottles! Yes, you heard me right! These pockets are to keep your little babe’s bottles hot or cold for a longer time frame! Brilliant and so convenient!This is by far the best diaper bag and it is only $35.99 on Amazon! It comes in 8 different colors and they are all amazing! You can check out this diaper bag further by clicking on any of the images of the bag!

4/ Hot Tools Salon Flat Iron- 1 Inch

I know there are a million different straighteners out there in this world, but I have tried many of them and this one remains my favorite. Every time I straighten my hair I fall in love with this flat-iron all over again! I actually find myself loving a lot of Hot Tools brand items. I also have a Hot Tools blow dryer and love that as well!

I am super picky about how my hair is when it is straight. I need a flat-iron to actually straighten it and not leave a slight wave behind of any kind! I mean, if I’m straightening it then I want it totally straight right? Right! One thing I also need in a flat-iron is a very graceful glide. Do you know what I mean by this? When I go through my hair with it I need it to be smooth. Some straighteners I have used pull my hair or feel like I’m rubbing it between two pieces of sand paper! Graceful glide only please!This specific straightener is the 1 inch and I think it is the perfect size for any hair type or length. It’s a great option for anyone! You can get this flat-iron on Amazon for $63.99 and I know you won’t be sorry! It’s a great straightener for a reasonable price! You can check this out more by clicking on the flat-iron image above!

5/ Not Your Mothers- Clean Freak Dry Shampoo-

Messy hair don’t care! Okay, actually I do kind of care! I want to officially shake the hand of the brilliant human that created dry shampoo! Dry shampoo has been a life saver in my life for a while now and I am here to speak for all women and say that it changes lives. As a mom my showers are typically very quick! The reality of taking a shower and being able to style my hair from scratch is not always a reality either. Dry shampoo makes my hair look like day 1 fresh on day 2 or sometimes day 3 (come on, we have all been there!)

I have tried many different brands of dry shampoo and this is the one I have found to love the most! I am the queen of changing back and forth from brunette to blonde like its my job! I found that some dry shampoos only work best for blonde hair and some only for darker hair. I wanted one kind that worked for all colors of the rainbow so I didn’t have an unnecessary stock of dry shampoo in my bathroom! I absolutely love Not Your Mothers products in general, but this dry shampoo is fantastic! It helps my hair look freshly clean, but also doesn’t make it look like I got in a fight with a bag of flour!This brand is also not expensive compared to some other brands! I personally buy this from my local grocery store or Walgreens. My local grocery store (Meijer) sells the 7 oz. bottle for $4.99 and Walgreens sells it for $6.49. Obviously I try to get it at my local grocery store since it is significantly cheaper. You can find it on Amazon but it costs a lot more to buy it from there.

This brand comes in several different scents, but I personally prefer the original one cause I don’t really need to smell like orange mango or toasted coconut!

I highly recommend giving this brand a try! You will be free from all your oily hair days and everyone will be convinced that you are that super mom showering every day! WIN!

If you want to check out this brand online only you can click on the image above to go to Amazon! Otherwise check your local grocery store or Walgreens!

That has been another Top 5 Tuesday! I always love sharing my favorites of the month with you all and I hope that you fall in love with these products just as much as I have! Let me know if you give any of them a try or if you are already a believer in one of these!

Next month I will have another Top 5 Tuesday for you! If you have a product you think I should definitely try or sell a product that you know I will LOVE and  would love me to write a Top 5 Tuesday review on, you can contact me at: or go to my CONTACT page.

Have a beautiful day and always be kind.

**Some of these products may include Affiliate links. I ONLY recommend services and products that I have used before, continue to use and that I LOVE. I would NEVER recommend a product/service that didn’t work for me. Affiliate marketing helps me to do what I love to do and that is sharing my heart and passions here with you while staying home with my littles. If you purchase through my link I receive a commission, but at NO additional cost to you! As always thanks for trusting in me and supporting me.**






29 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday- April

    • elisa

      You’re welcome! Glad to give you some ideas for when that season comes along for you! 🙂 There are so many amazing products for kids out there and they just keep getting better!

  1. candy

    Loving the hair bows, my granddaughter would look great wearing them. She does love her bows. My daughter loves dry shampoo.

  2. Laurie

    I don’t have children but I want that diaper bag! it’s adorable. Maybe I could tote around my precious cargo (laptop) in it? Hmm…

    Also, that dry shampoo is AMAZING. I got a sample in a Birchbox and have been using it ever since. 🙂

    • elisa

      HAH! I thought the same thing. Once I don’t need a diaper bag anymore I wonder if I could keep using it for something else? I should see if my laptop fits in it. hmmm. Then I can put a cold can of pop in the insulated pocket. hah! Its brilliant!

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