That Time I Rented the Runway in a Snow Storm

What if I told you that you could have a designer dress for an upcoming event that you don’t actually have to own and it won’t sit in your closet collecting dust till the next event? What if I told you that you could wear a different designer dress for every event you have for the rest of your life? Would you believe me?

Ladies, I have experienced none other than Rent the Runway and my life is changed forever!

I recently had a wedding and I was hesitant to spend money on a dress since I was 6 months postpartum. I was continually losing weight and buying a dress that wouldn’t fit me for another event in the future just didn’t make sense to me. Not only that, but I do not like wearing the same dresses to every event I attend. I’m a mother of 4! I don’t get to dress up a lot so when I do I want to feel great and not feel like de ja vu every time I dress up.

My sister and I discovered Rent the Runway and we decided to give it a try!


Here is how it works to get yourself a designer dress for your next event and at the end I’ll tell you how to get $30 towards your first order!

Step 1: Search under the dresses menu

Step 2: Choose your sizes and dates you need the dress

Step 3: Filter your search to be within your budget so you aren’t tempted by ones you can’t have! *wink*

You can filter the search more than this, but I personally try to keep things as open as possible to see all my options!

Now its time to start drooling over these dresses! You will not even believe how gorgeous these dresses are! The greatest part is that you can rent a dress as low as $30! At first when I was looking into this I thought that price was per day that you have the dress. I’m here to tell you that is not the case! The price of the dress is for the full 4-8 days you rent it (price does change depending on the rental time you choose)!

This is the part that can get tricky because it’s hard to narrow down to just one dress! So many amazing choices!

Now you may be wondering what happens if the dress doesn’t fit? Rent the Runway has a 100% fit guarantee! Which means, not only will they let you rent two different sizes of the dress for the one price, BUT they will also overnight you a different dress last-minute if it doesn’t fit quite right! My sister had this happen to her during her first rental. She received her dress and she didn’t care for the way it fit so she contacted Rent the Runway and they overnighted a different dress to her and it was perfect!


My personal experience will probably give you high anxiety reading about it, but in the end Rent the Runways amazing customer service saved the day! I was expecting my first rental during the same time a horrible winter storm was hitting the east coast. Because of the storm, my shipment got delayed twice and it was starting to look like my dresses were not going to arrive on time. After having several phone calls with Rent the Runway they ended up canceling my initial order and shipped overnight not one, not two, but three dresses of my choice in any price range I wanted! The dresses arrived the morning of the wedding and all 3 dresses were amazing!! Rent the Runway also added some extra size options for me just in case!

I ended up picking the Floral Essex Maxi by Badgley Mischka! This dress retails at $1,190! I picked this dress not only because it is absolutely stunning, but because I would never spend $180-$195 for the rental cost. I needed to bask in this dress while I had it in my possession! I felt like a queen in it and it couldn’t have fit any better!

My sisters experience was also wonderful! Due to the winter storm she received her dress only a day late and it was the perfect dress for her! She picked the Embroidered Mesh Dress by Badgley Mischka! I mean, how lovely is this dress!!??



This dress was gorgeous on her and she paired it with some cute blue heels to compliment the colors in her dress well!


You will receive your dresses either in a large box (depending on how many you ordered at once) or in a heavy-duty black garment bag! They come in plastic garment bags as well and on hangers which is super convenient for a mama who needs to protect the dress from little sticky peanut butter hands!

Once your event is done you put the dresses back in their bag or box, switch out the shipping label (which they provide) and drop it off at the carrier on the label! No charge for you sending it back! YAY!

The best part is, I didn’t spend money on a dress that is now going to sit in my closet for me to MAYBE wear again! WIN!


The other two dresses I received in my order were perfect in every way as well! I wish I had 3 events that weekend so no-one got left out! I didn’t get any pictures in the other dresses cause I didn’t have much time between receiving them and heading off to our event, but here is what they looked like!

The Oxblood Pleated Sweetheart dress by Nicole Miller was an incredible combination of classy and a little edgy! I really liked it a lot and will probably rent it again when the weather is much warmer! The fit was extremely forgiving and was a great style for my postpartum body!

The other dress I received was the perfect little black dress! The Black Ruffle Shoulder Dress by ELOQUII was not only flattering for any body type but was also $30 for a 4 day rental! Can’t beat that price! The fabric was so soft and hugged my body so beautifully! I am glad I gave this one a try because now I know where to go for the perfect little black dress!


So now it’s time for you to Rent the Runway! They give you a 100% fit guarantee and I give you a 100% LOVE IT guarantee! If you are taking the leap of faith and becoming a first time customer I have $30 off for you to use!! Keep in mind that Rent the Runway is not only for dresses! You can also rent accessories and other clothing items from shirts to pants to jumpsuits to maternity clothing!

Click HERE  or on any of the images in this post and if you shop through that link you will get $30 off, which can cover a whole dress rental (you pay shipping) depending on the dress you choose!

So there you go! Now you know how to wear a designer dress to an event but not have to waste its beauty by hanging in the back of your closet afterwards!

Let me know if you give it a try!

Have a beautiful day and always be kind!








14 thoughts on “That Time I Rented the Runway in a Snow Storm

  1. Becky @ Disney in your Day

    I had heard of this, but it’s great to read about your experience! Because the biggest thing I would be afraid of is the dress not fitting right. I can go try on 5 or 6 dresses and only like how one of them looks once it’s actually on – but it’s good to know they’ll overnight you a new one, that is pretty amazing! My friend is doing a red carpet themed party for her 30th in September so I may use Rent the Runway for it now!

    • elisa

      A red carpet themed party would be perfect for this! My sister rented a gorgeous gold sequin floor length dress for a themed party like that and it was perfect!

    • elisa

      Well the great thing is the dress is insured! So no fears about accidents! I had that fear as well until I learned that 🙂

  2. Kelsie

    Oh my gosh! I love this! That red dress is gorgeous. I love the idea of renting a dress and feeling like a princess for a night, but not spending a fortune!

  3. Jess

    Wow, I had no idea how awesome Rent the Runway was! I have had a few events over the last couple years that I shelled out money for fancy dresses that I really just didn’t need beyond that event. And yes, they are still sitting in my closet and probably won’t be worn again. I will definitely try this out next time!

    • elisa

      I have done that many of times as well! So many dresses I only wore once and then just wasted away! Definitely give it a try! Its truly amazing!

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