A New Perspective for your Challenging Child

You are now 5. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was soaking in your newborn smell and loving on your soft newborn skin.For 5 years you have been our greatest surprise, our constant laughter and sometimes our biggest challenge.

You are my child who can push me to my end, yet melt my heart into a thousand pieces with your snuggles and those dreamy eyelashes of yours.You feel so deeply, which can make it hard for you to express how you feel, but it always gives you the gift to love so beautifully.

My little sensitive soul is what you are. Your feelings can be hurt so easily, yet you also are sensitive to others feelings in return.

You are always trying to do something silly, which can make it hard for you to listen, but it also gives us moments of laughter in our home.

You feel disappointment so strongly, which can cause you to express it dramatically, but yet at times it shows how much you hate losing the things you love in life.

My sweet boy how I wish so many great things for you in life.

I pray you never stop feeling deeply, but you always show positivity in your feelings

I pray you always have that tender heart, but you always use it to love others well.

I pray you never stop being the cause of laughter, but always understand the time to listen and the time to speak.

I pray you always love life as much as you do right now, but when it disappoints you let that help you grow.

I pray your sweet spirit shines over anything else. Always.You continue to be my most challenging child, but I wouldn’t change the challenges for anything because God made you so perfect in His image. I wouldn’t change one hair on your head (or the lack there of currently…dad is not a barber *crying eyes*) or one freckle on your face.

Always know how loved you are.

Always know how special you are.

Always know you are made to do great things.

I love you to the moon and backDo you have a child that challenges you? I found myself reflecting with a different perspective lately and started seeing what I consider a challenge as also something beautiful about this little boy.

God made each one of our little ones different and unique in their own way. I can’t help but feel a guilt for not appreciating these challenges more. I have learned so much and have grown so much as a mom because of my Jude.
I have had days where I have shut myself in my room to cry while he screams in the hallway. I have had my days where all I could think to do was hug him tightly while he cried uncontrollably.
Its interesting to think how we are continually “throwing fits” to God, but we are not a challenge to Him. He has the ultimate patience when we don’t get our way and He wraps His arms around us tightly when we can’t seem to pull ourselves together. 
When I have moments where I feel like I can’t make it through another day being challenged by this little boy, I am reminded of how my Heavenly Father has never left my side no matter the choices I have made, the words I have said and the thoughts that have come to my mind. He loves me anyway and I pray that my son can see that kind of love not only in his Heavenly Father, but also in his mom.
Give your child an extra hug today, be reminded that you are doing an amazing job and you can do this! Celebrate the challenges and love your little one deeply in spite of all things. God put you in their life for a reason and that is to guide them, raise them up, love them deeply and celebrate who God made them to be. 

8 thoughts on “A New Perspective for your Challenging Child

  1. Elaine

    Beautifully written and full of love for your little man. How often I throw my own fits, wanting to control life, and God patiently and kindly deals with me. Great perspective full of hope!

    • elisa

      Thank you! I sure do love that little guy! As I wrote this I was definitely reminded of all the fits I have thrown to God. So thankful we have a God that remains so faithful to us!

  2. Haddie

    So beautiful, thank you for sharing! We are having some trying times here as well and it never ceases to amaze me how I can go from wanting to scream to smiling so big my cheeks hurt all from my crazy little and her shenanigans:)

    • elisa

      It amazing how parenting is just one big unpredictable moment! You never know what is going to happen next, never know what attitudes you will deal with each day, but you also don’t always see those precious moments coming and those definitely make it all worth it!

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