Chili Lime Chicken Fajita Salad

Lets talk about the greatest salad you may ever eat in your whole life. Sounds like fun right? Trust me! When there are sautéed peppers involved it is always a party!

This is definitely one of the easiest go to meals in our house! So easy to make and always delicious! It is one of those meals that I may or may not moan in contentment when eating.

I love a recipe that lets me prep a lot ahead of time. That way I can choose opportune moments to prep a meal and then I feel like a super mom once we reach dinner and it is finished on time! I am a total sucker for some sautéed pepper and onions. I could literally bathe in them if someone let me, which would be weird, I know.

This salad is originally from Cafe Delites! I personally make a Keto friendly version of it using Truvia or Trim Healthy Mama Gentle Sweet instead of brown sugar, but the measurements are the same either way.

As I mentioned before, being able to prep ahead of time is so nice! I highly recommend prepping what you can to make it a smoother ride to dinner time!

I always make a double batch of the marinade (which is also the salad dressing). I make a batch of marinade for the chicken to have a nice soak and then I make the dressing fresh when it is time to assemble the salad! We also make extra chicken for leftovers, which I recommend because it is fabulous on or off a salad!

Start by creating your marinade dressing. Whisk all your ingredients together and pour over your uncooked chicken (we use chicken breast and butterfly them) and put in the fridge. I always do mine the night before, but you can do it as soon as 2 hours ahead of time.

Next, prep your veggies! Cut up as many peppers and onions as you want! I personally do 2 whole peppers and 1/2 an onion because this is literally my favorite part of this salad! I usually cut these up the night before as well and just bag them up in the fridge so they are ready to go the next day!IMG_7417.jpgNow sit back, relax and pat yourself on the back cause now you have part of your dinner prepped for the next day!

Once its time to prepare your meal, throw that yummy chicken on the grill and start sautéing your veggies! I drizzle some olive oil over my veggies to allow it to cook properly! These take a little while to get to perfection, but just keep your eye on them and keep stirring so they don’t burn!IMG_7449.jpgWhile everything is cooking, prepare your marinade/dressing again! This time you will be putting this on the finished salad! If you are making the Keto version, keep taste testing until the flavor is how you want it. I always find myself having to add more lime juice to get that tart and sweet flavor just right!

Once everything is cooked it is time to assemble everything! I have to say this is such a beautiful and colorful salad!IMG_7455.jpgYou can add any additional toppings on it if you want! Add some avocado for some good fats, some extra cilantro or even some sour cream!

Believe me when I tell you, this is a must try recipe!!

Thank you Cafe Delites for this incredible recipe that is not only delicious, but it is easy!featurephotopng.png

Chicken Salad-01.pngLet me know if you give this delicious salad a try!!

Have a beautiful day and always be kind.


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