What to Wear Wednesday- Side Slit Maxi Dress

Welcome to the first What to Wear Wednesday!! Every other Wednesday I will be sharing my current favorite outfit, kids outfit, thrifty finds and reviewing clothing items I take a risk buying online! I love pulling the right outfit together and portraying part of who I am through my style. I also can’t pass up a good deal, in fact, I rarely will buy anything unless it is offering me the satisfaction of getting a good bargain!

I absolutely love Amazon! I literally buy everything from Amazon and am a big believer in Prime shipping! Something I am just recently trying out is clothing from Amazon. I have been pretty happy with my purchases lately, but it is so scary buying clothing online. I spend tons of time reading reviews to try to figure out the right size and still find myself sometimes questioning what size to buy.

I had a $10 gift card to Amazon recently so I took advantage of that and started roaming the wide web for something fun! I came across this side slit loose maxi dress and knew it was meant to be! There is always a risk here though. Is it possibly too good to be true? Is the picture deceiving me? Well I took the leap of faith and it was immediate love!IMG_7229.jpgI studied the reviews like a crazy person and came to the conclusion that I needed to size up quite a bit on it. It seems like the smaller sizes might run big and the bigger sizes run on the small side. I am typically a size L/XL and wanted it to be very loose and drape nicely. I decided to go with a XXL, which was a risk of it being too big, but I can work with too big verses too small!

I am so glad I sized up! Not only does it drape perfectly, but the length is nice and long (I am 5′ 7″)! When it arrived I also learned that it is that type of fabric that every woman hates! You know that material that clings to every bit of your body? This is that type of fabric! No Bueno! The moment I pulled it out of the package I knew it was this dreaded fabric, BUT because I sized up it doesn’t cling anywhere! PRAISE HIM! I should give this fabric a little bit of praise though. It is very breathable, which is great for summer!

The possibilities are endless with this!! So many different ways to style it! Wear it casual or dress it up! I am always willing to spend money on a piece that gives me various outfit options!IMG_7230.jpgThis dreamy dress comes in 10 solid colors and 4 patterns (including florals…swoon)! As you can see I got it in army green and I am excited to say the color is true to the photo. I cannot speak for the other colors on how true they are in person, but lets just swoon over this army green together!!!IMG_7280.jpgThis dress is $23.80 on Amazon and it does have Prime shipping option so you don’t have to wait forever for it! *praise hands* Like I mentioned before, I had a $10 gift card to use towards this, but now that I am the proud owner of it, I would have spent the full price on it. Definitely worth every penny!

But be warned of the material of the devil! I’m very glad I sized up cause, as much as I embrace it, my cellulite does not need to be an accessory to this outfit!

Oh and I almost forgot the most important part! POCKETS! What woman doesn’t like pockets in their dress!?IMG_7283.jpgYou can purchase this dress by clicking on any of the images here or click on the name of the dress below! If you purchase this dress, stop by and let me know what you think! I would love to hear your opinion!

HUSKY Women’s side slit loose maxi dress

Now excuse me as I go put on my new dress and bask in its beauty and pockets!

Have a beautiful day and always be kind.


**Some of these products may include Affiliate links. I ONLY recommend services and products that I have used before, continue to l use and that I LOVE. I would NEVER recommend a product/service that didn’t work for me. Affiliate marketing helps me to do what I love to do and that is sharing my heart and passions here with you while staying home with my littles. If you purchase through my link I receive a commission, but at NO additional cost to you! As always thanks for trusting in me and supporting me.**


10 thoughts on “What to Wear Wednesday- Side Slit Maxi Dress

  1. Liz

    That dress is so cute on you! I’ve always been hesitant to try out clothes on Amazon but since I order everything else off of there maybe I’ll give clothing a shot too. Great idea for tying up the bottom, I’ve never done that before. So cute.

  2. joannevarga

    Super cute dress! I have not bought clothes from amazon but your tips may help change my mind!!

    Love the pockets btw!!

  3. jennpohlman

    What a great way to style this dress! It can be a little dressier with a statement necklace or more on trend with the denim jacket…love it! Thanks for your creativity and making buying a dress blindly on Amazon less intimidating!

    • elysagriz

      Thank you!! I need a reason to dress up so I can have fun styling it! I guess this does give me an excuse to go out and find a new good statement necklace thats perfect for it 😉

  4. emgottberg

    This is adorable! I love the jean vest over the dress too! So cute! Amazon Prime is the best! I used to be so anti-only-shopping until I became a mom! It’s kind of addicting to get packages to the door- like Christmas! Haha I will have to look into the clothes! Super cute! And I love the idea of posting outfit ideas every Wednesday! Super fun!

    • elysagriz

      Thank you! I agree, it is like Christmas! I may or may not be the crazy lady watching out the window for the delivery truck to come when I’m expecting something! 🙂

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