When Joanna Gaines is Your Home Girl

We are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the purchase of our first home! We spent 7 years of our marriage renting several different homes. We have absolutely loved owning our own home especially because we get to do whatever we want to it! Occasionally on this blog I am going to feature a room in our home and share the details of the design and how we did it on a budget!

To say I am a lover of shiplap and all things Joanna Gaines is a complete understatement. In fact, in my dreams I AM Joanna Gaines and I live in a sea of shiplap. I can’t say I am as talented and creative minded as she is (but really there can only be one Jo Gaines in this world), but I certainly get a lot of my inspiration from her.

One of my favorite rooms in my house is our bedroom! There is nothing more important in my home then a bedroom that feels peaceful and is easy to find rest in. When we first bought the house we couldn’t believe how many walls were painted green. Green walls everywhere. The basement looked like someone tripped and spilled pea soup everywhere. It was kinda my worst nightmare. But thankfully a fresh coat of paint can solve many problems!

This photo below is what our bedroom looked like before we moved into the house. So much green! Am I right? My immediate thought when I first saw this bedroom was how small and claustrophobic it felt. Often times when a darker color is used in a smaller room it makes it feel even smaller. Not to mention the dark furniture doesn’t help either. So it was time for some serious updating!Before bedroomPlease take note of the green bathroom too! *head to desk*Before bedroom 2My first plan for this room was to brighten it! Majorly! I love a fresh clean look in my home so the plan was a lot of soft gray and whites. The first and most important area to attack first were those green walls! I went with “Gray Stone” from Menards and it really ended up being the perfect gray for the lighting in this room! Gray can be such a hard color to do because you don’t want it too blue and you don’t want it too dark. You need to find that happy medium and this gray was certainly the happy medium! It made a HUGE difference in this room! Everything felt much more open and brighter!

As I mentioned before, shiplap is my one true love. I have a few shiplap walls in my home and I immediately had a vision for shiplap in my bedroom from the start.

My brother-in-law is super talented in home construction and he was kind enough to do our shiplap walls for us! The only catch was that I needed to do it on a budget. Doing true shiplap is not cheap and I am always trying to get the best deal on things. So we decided on a “faux” shiplap wall.

Instead of true shiplap boards we used 3/8 plywood and cut them into the proper sizes to create the shiplap look. We then primed and painted them white. Doing it this way did give a more rustic looking shiplap versus a clean shiplap. I also decided not to fill in the nail holes to compliment that rustic feel to it. But I’m all about a little rustic throughout my clean look, so I was all for it!IMG_6938.jpgTo further my vision for this main wall in my bedroom, I had pictured a dark gray micro suede tufted headboard. My biggest battle with this was the cost. I needed my headboard in king size and they are not cheap! I spent a good month searching online for the best price and they were ranging $300 or more! I would rather use my pillows for my headboard then spend that!

Right when I was about to give up, the headboard of my dreams was spotted at Home Goods and I’m not kidding you, it was exactly what I had visioned. The best part was, it was only $100! You bet I scooped that headboard up immediately and hauled it home!IMG_6931Next is, what I think, the hardest decision to make in a bedroom. The comforter. This is a key piece in a bedroom. It typically stands out more than anything else in the room. Its your centerpiece. I searched everywhere for a good month and then finally walked into Target one day and found this beauty! It certainly was love at first sight! But when does Target ever fail us? The colors are so soft and clean. It was a perfect fit for the bedroom! Unfortunately I cannot find this comforter anywhere online, but I highly recommend this color scheme for soft colors in your bedroom. I can say I purchased this comforter when there was a Target Cartwheel coupon and that is always a happy day when that happens!IMG_6959Let’s talk about dressers a moment now. This room definitely did not have the space for 2 dressers so I needed something that would work for my husband and I to share. Luckily I hang most of my clothes or sharing a dresser would be an impossible task! I happened to already have this dresser in our old house. I had bought it a few years ago from a friend for $25 and painted it with Old White Annie Sloan chalk paint. It was used for an entertainment center in my old house but it was time to get it re done and give it a new destiny!

My super talented mother in law re painted this dresser in Pure White Annie Sloan chalk paint. Needless to say, she did an incredible job and it is absolutely stunning! If you are interested in trying out Annie Sloan chalk paint and are local to West Michigan, I purchase mine at R. Lucas Scott Co. in Holland. Such a neat shop owned by a just as equally neat guy! If you are not local you can you on Annie Sloan’s Website and put your zip code in to find a place near you! IMG_6970.jpgI finished the dresser off with these adorable handles with the little bird details. They are the sweetest little handles and they match my comforter perfectly! In case you are in need of some handle advice, I got these cuties at Hobby Lobby. I find they have the cutest handles ever and they are constantly changing. The trick is to get them when they are 50% off. What I have learned is that Hobby Lobby alternates their 50% off stuff every other week. So if it isn’t discounted one week, go back the next week and it will be! YAY!IMG_6974Finally, a quick shout out to my curtains! Curtains are another huge factor in a room! Another important statement piece! But I absolutely hate spending a lot of money on curtains since they are so expensive and most of the time you only get one panel for the price! I found these curtains, which happen to be the perfect color, at Target and they were roughly $14.00 for one panel! They do block out sunlight well and they look more expensive than they actually are! At the time that was the best deal I could find for good quality curtains! You can click on the image below to check out the curtains online! They come in other colors too!IMG_6954So here it is! The finished bedroom! I am so happy with how it turned out! It became a wonderful space of rest for us, as long as it stays clean!IMG_6993_1.jpgBefore and after! Goodbye green, hello shiplap!!

Stay tuned for the future as I feature more rooms in my home! If you have any great room makeover tips, I would love to hear them!

Have a beautiful day and alway be kind.




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  1. Brooke

    I loveeee this transformation! I’m pretty young and don’t have a house of my own yet, but I can’t wait to do this kind of remodeling! I love the white shiplap and details you added to the dresser 🙂

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