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Gerber Graduate Yogurt MeltsTuesdays may just become one of my favorite days of the week when a top 5 Tuesday day rolls around! I have so many stellar items to share with you! Twice a month, on the first and last Tuesday, I am going to share my top 5 favorite items of the month. Some of the items may be kid friendly, helpful in the home, perfect for us moms or just plain awesome and worth a share!

This past month’s favorites has a little bit for everyone!

1/ Raise your hand if your phone never seems to have enough charge to get you through a simple grocery trip. I think my husband thinks I am the only one who has a phone that is always dying, but I’m pretty sure i’m not the only mom whose phone is constantly dying a painful death. Well, fret no more! I have the answer that will solve all your problems or at least your phone dying problems. Cause who wants to be stranded at Target with a dead phone and no way to scan your cartwheel coupons (speaking from experience of course)?

I received this Liz Claiborne wallet as a secret sister gift and not only is it super cute, but it has a phone charger built into it! The greatest part about this wallet is that it plays both sides of the apple vs. android debate. This wallet can bring your little battery to bright green on your apple or android phone! *round of applause* The only catch is that you need to remember to keep your wallet charged! I’m still learning to keep up with this, but when I do have it charged I am one happy girl standing in Target checkout with my charged phone and getting my coupons scanned!IMG_7106.jpgYou can get this fancy wallet on Amazon in a couple of colors, but if you want a better deal and a ton of color options (including glitter!) then hop online at JCPenny and grab yourself one of these beauties! Right now they are typically $50.00, but they are on sale for $19.99 and there is an extra coupon right now to get it for $15.99!

So not only will your phone stay charged, you will also have a new wallet and you got it all for a deal! Click on the image above and stand for saving all those dying phones in this world!

2/ Now I know all you moms out there are just dying to suck the snot out of your kids nose when they are sick right? What about sucking it out with your mouth? I know, super nasty, but hear me out! The NoseFrida is a game changer!! When my husband first brought this little device home I left the snot sucking to him, but then I found myself in a moment where I was the only one home to take care of the snot, so I gave it a try.

So how does it work? You place the child end into your babies poor snotty nose and the other end in your mouth. Then you suck in really hard like you are taking an asthma test, except not really because then you would be blowing out and I cannot imagine that would feel great on your little one. Now before you freak out on me here, listen closely. The filter in the tube is your friend!! It prevents any snot from reaching your mouth! Praise! We personally put a drop of saline into her nose to help the process to be more comfortable for baby. I’m telling you, it’s a life saver for sleepless nights when baby can’t breathe through the congestion!aspirador-e-sugador-nasal-nosefrida-original-importado-D_NQ_NP_904466-MLB26622121178_012018-FYou can get the NoseFrida in stores or online at Target or Wal-Mart! If you are like me and are obsessed with Amazon Prime, then you can get it on there for the same price! Click on the image above to get your very own snot sucker! You will thank me later!

3/ Now that you have your baby’s nose all cleared out, you can now keep their feet warm and ditch the un matching socks that are the size of your thumb! The Luvable Friends fleece booties are going to change your life forever! Three things I can’t stand when it comes to keeping my baby’s feet warm:

  1. “Excuse me, ma’am, your baby’s sock fell off”. Anyone else heard these words out in public a thousand times?
  2. If my husbands socks get lost in the dryer, then you bet these itty bitty socks are going to get lost too. SO many un matching mini socks.
  3. Alternative options are so expensive

Look no further! These fleece booties are so cozy, stay on with a criss cross velcro clasp and even have grips on the bottom. My baby no longer wears socks because these are forever the way to go AND…prepare yourself…they are affordable! I found these booties on Amazon and they range from $5.99-$12.99 depending on the size and color you pick! They come in 6 different colors and come in sizes 0-6 months- 2T!IMG_7191.jpgSo click on the image above and grab your little babe a pair of fleece booties! Their feet will be very happy and random ‘sock saving people’ won’t approach you in the store anymore!

4/ My next favorite item are the silicone baking cups! I just got these recently cause I was tired of spending money on cupcake liners! I went on a mad search through Amazon and came across these sweet little baking cups. Bonus that they came with mini bread loaf cups and mini cake cups. I’m obsessed with how cute these are!IMG_6791.jpgAs you can see I made some Trim Healthy Mama Oatmeal on the Go Cups (check out the recipe HERE) and the silicone baking cups worked great! They don’t require you to use a muffin tin either, so all I had to do was fill the cups and set them on a baking sheet! They were super easy to clean afterwards cause they are non stick and dishwasher safe! The best part is that they were only $10.99 for this 36 piece set!

So throw out the baking cup liners and give up on washing a muffin tin (because let’s be honest they are a pain to wash) and get these cute little baking friends! You can find them on Amazon by clicking the image above!

5/ Finally, lets talk about dry skin for a moment. Better yet, lets talk about dry AND sensitive skin. I have searched for years for a great lotion that doesn’t make my skin feel oily and gives me a long-lasting buttery softness on my skin. As I was doing my traditional Trim Healthy Mama purchases online I came across their Coconut Cream Dream lotion. I thought I would give it a try and boy do my hands thank you for the leap of faith I took! This Coconut Cream Dream is definitely a dream come true! The ingredients are completely all natural, it feels like you are rubbing clouds between your hands, the scent is pleasantly subtle and it keeps your skin feeling soft throughout the day! I personally have not used it anywhere but my hands, but I know you can use it anywhere on your skin. The bottle is not very big so I save it for my hands to keep it lasting for a while.IMG_7113.jpgThe lotions come in 3 different scents, Coconut Dream Cream, Double Delish Spearmint and Orange Silk. I have only tried the Coconut Dream Cream, but I am sure the other ones are just as lovely!

You can have buttery soft hands too by clicking the image above and shopping Trim Healthy Mamas shop!

So there are my top 5 favorites for the month of March! Let me know if you try out any of these products! I would love to know what you think!

Have a beautiful day and always be kind.


**Some of these products may include Affiliate links. I ONLY recommend services and products that I have used before, continue to use and that I LOVE. I would NEVER recommend a product/service that didn’t work for me. Affiliate marketing helps me to do what I love to do and that is sharing my heart and passions here with you while staying home with my littles. If you purchase through my link I receive a commission, but at NO additional cost to you! As always thanks for trusting in me and supporting me.**






11 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday- March

  1. emgottberg

    Okay, how have I never heard of the silicone baking cups? Those are awesome! And that wallet is really really cute! What a fun idea to do weekly recommendations. Thanks girl-these are great!

  2. lisajakesmomma

    Great items! I resisted the Nose Frida for so long because I thought it was super gross. However, I eventually gave in and that thing is a life saver for sick babies. Gross factor is significantly less than I thought (though I admit still there a little)

  3. raising2boyswithbooks

    We used the Nose Frida as well. It seemed a little gross, but it definitely worked! Thanks for the reviews!!

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